Glover Refinishing, LLC has over 30 years in the refinishing industry. Our business is dedicated to deliver fine craftsmanship and values customer satisfaction. We continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. Our commitment to excellence is what is applied to every project.

Providing a cost effective alternative to complete remodeling. We provide a coating that does not contain any isocyanates (human carcinogens know to cause cancer) and meets FDA guidelines for incidental contact in food processing. Providing the highest standards of protection. MultiSpec (Stone Accents) coating is available as well.

Glover Refinishing is devoted to apply our knowledge and expertise to our refinishing and repair services to complete functional projects that guarantees customer satisfaction. You can be assured that we handle every aspect from start to finish. We try to minimize the inconvenience to you and or family. Glover Refinishing more importantly wants to give assured quality and piece of mind for years to come.