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"We Will Transform Your Space"

Our Services

At Glover Refinishing, we understand the importance of quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, ensuring that every project is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Choose Glover Refinishing for refinishing services that blend craftsmanship, durability, and a touch of elegance.

Transform your bathtub into a sleek and rejuvenated centerpiece. Our tub refinishing services breathe new life into worn-out surfaces, ensuring a durable and beautiful finish that exceeds expectations.

Elevate the aesthetics of your space by revitalizing your tiles. Our tile refinishing services bring back the shine to faded tiles, making them look as good as new. Say goodbye to outdated tiles and hello to a fresh and modern look.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a makeover without the hefty price tag of replacement. Our countertop refinishing services provide a cost-effective solution to revitalize worn or outdated surfaces, leaving you with a stunning and durable finish.

Whether it’s revitalizing your home, business, or outdoor spaces, our range of decorative concrete finishes is designed to elevate aesthetics and functionality. From polished concrete to intricate patterns and textures, we offer a diverse palette of options to suit every taste and style.


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